I mostly spam Fringe and its flawless cast, and now that it’s over, life has lost all meaning

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The puppy dog eyes he’s giving her though.

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Those are just words coming out of your mouth. No weight to them. No consideration they may be true. - They’re not true.

"Alana has always stood by Hannibal - there was never a doubt in her mind in series 1 and even as she wanted to believe the best of Will in series 2, she still denied the possibility that Hannibal could have had anything to do with what happened to him… she has been absolutely consistent in her opinions on him.”

"The person who was accusing Hannibal tried to have him killed, proving to be not who she thought he was. Jack’s growing distrust of Hannibal has led him nowhere. She was even at Hannibal’s house the night the Chesapeake Ripper committed a murder. Miriam Lass exonerated Hannibal when he was under suspicion again. She has known Hannibal for much, much longer than anybody else - they have a long-standing mutual admiration and friendship which precedes all of this mess.”

These are her facts. It is absolutely reasonable for her to assume that Hannibal is innocent.” [x]

henrietta + family moments.
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F R I N G E  (September 9, 2008 - January 18, 2013)
"We shouldn’t have had that time together, but we did. And I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

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