I mostly spam Fringe and its flawless cast, and now that it’s over, life has lost all meaning

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Buffy vs. Twitter


The gods have always smiled on brave women. x


The gods have always smiled on brave women. x

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"You do that thing with your mouth when you’re upset…"

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Anna Torv + Hairporn Gifset (requested by Taenypush)

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Person of Interest, in a nutshell:

Harold tries to balance his pride in creating an advanced AI which protects and saves countless people against his guilt over the destruction that has followed in the wake of his machine;  Reese tries to make restitution for a blood-soaked past by using the same skills that made him such an effective killer to now help save people;  Root tries to become the avatar of the machine, and only through doing so begins to understand that humanity is something to be protected, not pitied;

Sameen Shaw just tries to finish a damn meal.

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(make me choose): anonymous asked: anya or tara? screamsofashadow asked: oz or tara?

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Dog With Two Bones

Dog, animal, it’s a pet. He has this bone. It’s the most important thing in the world; he carries it everywhere he goes. And, uh, one day he goes down to the water and he sees another dog with a bone reflected on the surface. It’s identical. And he wants that bone too, so he opens his mouth to grab it and his bone falls in the water and it disappears. It’s gone. And he’s left standing there… looking at himself. And he has nothing.

sobbing    favorite episode ever? bitch it might be    also fuck david kemper for this amazing shit    greatest desire and worst nightmare as a shipper    and obviously everything about them getting married in this setting was wrong and so antithetical to who they were    and this was also such a pivotal realization for crichton    he could have earth or aeryn but he couldn’t have both    john crichton    aeryn sun    aeryn x john    tv: farscape  


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